Texans morning huddle: All good with GM and coach


Good morning to all the fans of the first place Houston Texans! Yes, they are 3-5, but this bye week has brought some great optimism due to the fact that the second half gives the team a shot at taking the AFC South crown. So sit back and enjoy the football this weekend knowing that the Texans are right where they need to be despite a rough start. Oh, and check out some morning links too why don’t you;

Football 101: Polk’s chip block – by John Harris, HoustonTexans.com

"The offense wasn’t as explosive or dominant, but it had a handful of moments of excellence and one of those was a 21-yard touchdown throw from Brian Hoyer to DeAndre Hopkins.Most people saw an accurate throw and a brilliant catch, but what most didn’t see was the key to the play. As I watched the play develop from my spot on the sideline, I had my eyes on the pass protection, but, most importantly, on RB Chris Polk. I certainly didn’t regret that decision to watch him, as it more than paid off. Let me explain."

Young football fan grills J.J. Watt, gives John McClain a run for his money – by Craig Hlavaty, Houston Chronicle

"A viral image of a young football fan’s letter to Houston Texans star defensive end J.J. Watt sees the youngster asking Watt some tough questions."

Texans owner: Rick Smith, Bill O’Brien haven’t needed him to mediate – by Tania Ganguli, ESPN

"The setup of the Houston Texans front office system is such that both general manager Rick Smith and head coach Bill O’Brien ultimately report to team owner Bob McNair.When they disagree and can’t reach a consensus, they are supposed to go to McNair to resolve the dispute."

J.J. Watt: Texans look at second half as new season – by Josh Alper, Pro Football Talk

"It was much easier to find things to dislike than things to like about the Texans during the first half of their season, but the old saying goes that you are what your record says you are and that means the Texans are a first place team."