Houston Texans: Bye week couldn’t have come sooner


Well that wasn’t what we were hoping for.

The Houston Texans haven’t looked as good as many fans would have hoped this season, starting of 3-5 against a pretty weak group of teams. In fact, the only wins so far have come against the three worst teams from last year (Tampa Bay, Tennessee, and Jacksonville).

Things aren’t going to get any easier, as the Texans will be playing Cincinnati, Buffalo, and New England over the next month and a half. Even games against the New York Jets and New Orleans Saints will be tough.

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Thankfully, the Texans are about to get a week of rest before an incredibly tough road match versus the undefeated Bengals. This will help tremendously, as the Texans defense looked horrific only two weeks ago.

With this bye week, the Texas will be able to rest their players to make sure they’re ready to go against this tough Cincinnati squad.

So why is this week so helpful? Well obviously the players are going to get some rest. But in addition to that, the coaching staff will get more time to analyze the Bengal’s style of play, and hopefully find a way for the Texans to win on both offense and defense.

Going into the week on a win is also beneficial for the team. If last week had been a bye week, it would’ve been hard to get back the confidence of the team after the whooping by Miami. Instead, the Texans just came off of a 20-6 win versus division opponent Tennessee.

The defense still isn’t perfect, but this week will give the players extra time to work on tackling and defensive coverage, which proved to be huge issues against the Dolphins. The offense hasn’t been much better, as the Texans are the only team to not score on their opening drive all season. This extra time will help Brian Hoyer and Co. learn to move down the field better and end this embarrassing streak.

While we won’t be able to cheer on our favorite team this week, we can all rest easy knowing that the players and coaches will be working hard to prep this team to play the Bengals. Hopefully, the bye week is all the Texans will need to get back on track this season.