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Ryan Mallett: Jets are desperate, but not that desperate


Ryan Mallett was the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans just a few short weeks ago. Now, the fifth-year pro is not even an option for a team that has featured the laughing stock of quarterback stables in recent years.

Mallett’s name has not surfaced anywhere as a potential fit since being cut by Houston for missing a team flight, staying home after losing the quarterback battle, pouting on the sidelines after being benched and missing meetings. On top of all that, he wasn’t very good.

With all those issues it’s no surprise that Adam Scheffer is reporting that the Jets have no plans to even explore the former Texan despite finding themselves hurting at the position.

The Jets actually started Texans’ cast-off Ryan Fitzpatrick every game this season, but had to turn to back up Geno Smith after Fitz was injured early in the game as he tore a ligament on his non-throwing hand and Smith hurt his shoulder but should be good-to-go for the team’s next game.

So to recap; The Houston Texans decided that Ryan Mallett was a starting caliber player and shipped Fitzpatrick off for next to nothing. He won the starting job because Geno Smith was punched in the face and may be the most inconsistent quarterback to ever play in the NFL. Still, despite Smith’s flaws and the injury to the quarterback Houston didn’t want (and who has played very well) the Jets don’t even think Mallett should be considered a back-up option.

That says a lot about Mallett considering the Jets at one point had Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez on their rosters.