Arian Foster: Time to move on from the running back


Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has put together a remarkable career since coming into the NFL as an undrafted free agent out of Tennessee. Sadly however, he gave up too much of himself during his career and his body just simply has nothing left to give.

He missed eight games in 2013 and another three in 2014. He also was unable to finish a couple of other games last season as the injuries continued to pile up for the veteran runner.

Now in 2015 he will tally his lowest number of games for a season ever, as he will finish with four games played.

Foster started the year hurt after a groin injury required surgery and looked like he was rounding back into game shape during the last couple of games. Then, injuries struck again as an Achilles tear looks to end his 2015 season almost as soon as it started.

Arian has run the ball 1,454 times in his Texans career and also caught 249 passes. For the 29-year old back, the pounding just was too much and is now taking it’s toll.

While it would be great to see Foster return and be a good player again, the odds are not in his favor and as long as the Texans see number 23 on their depth chart, they refuse to bring in a quality running back to either spell, or replace their franchise leading rusher.

As hard as it would be to see Foster go, the team has found out that letting veterans leave is not the worst thing in the world. After letting all-time receptions leader Andre Johnson leave this offseason, the team has found out that DeAndre Hopkins is one of the best receivers in the entire NFL.

Allowing Foster to leave, as they did for Johnson, could let the workhorse find a role with a team that has championship aspirations while it would force them to go younger at the position. It could prove to be a win-win for both the team and Foster if they do decide to move on from him.

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