Texans poll: Is there still hope for the season?


The 2015 NFL season has not started out the way the Houston Texans have hoped. However one player for the team seems to think that not all is lost and he is positive that the season can be fixed. Safety Rahim Moore believes the team still has hope for 2015;

"“The season ain’t over,” Moore said while speaking with the Houston Chronicle. “We’ve got to stay positive and learn from our mistakes. Absolutely, we know what we need to do to do. We’ll fix it. We tip our hats to the Colts. They were good, they were better.“It’s time to look at ourselves in the mirror and think, ‘What can I do to get better?’ I’m going to personally over the break go and look at all the games, every snap and think what could could I have done better.”"

The biggest reason to believe Moore could be right is how the schedule shakes out for the Texans and the AFC South leaders, the Indianapolis Colts.

To this point, the Colts are 3-0 in the South (all one score wins against one win teams) and 0-2 outside of the division. The record away from the AFC South may get even worse for Indy as they are set to face four undefeated teams in the next five weeks.

Week 6 sees the Colts host the undefeated New England Patriots, followed by another home game against the New Orleans Saints. Then two more teams currently with an unblemished record will take on the Colts as they travel to Carolina to face the Panther before hosting the Denver Broncos.

For the Texans they travel to Jacksonville this week to take on another 1-4 team in the Jaguars. Another game in Florida follows as they face the Miami Dolphins, who just fired their head coach and are a complete mess.

After that they have games against the Tennessee Titans at home, Cincinnati Bengals on the road and then they host former Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and the New York Jets.

It isn’t unconceivable to see the Colts go 1-4 and the Texans 4-1 in that stretch (although 3-2 would even put Houston right back in the mix).

So after looking at that schedule for both teams, do you think the season has hope still as Rahim Moore stated? Let us know in the poll below and keep the discussion going in the comment section at the end of this page.

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