Texans vs. Buccaneers: Questions with the Pewter Plank


The Houston Texans sit at 0-2 and are set to host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are 1-1. Tampa Bay struggled against the Texans AFC South rival, the Tennessee Titans in their season opener. In their second game, they fared much better beating their own divisional rival, the New Orleans Saints.

So what can we expect when these two teams get together? Well I was able to take some time and speak with David Rumsey (@David_Bucs) of the Pewter Plank. I shared with him my thoughts on the two teams and he was kind enough to answer a few of my questions as well as we inch closer towards game time.

RG: How do you feel about Jameis Winston‘s potential and where is he now? What does he do best that Houston needs to be ready for?

DR: Jameis Winston has great potential, you can’t deny that. Right now he’s obviously still learning, but he did show a lot of improvement between week 1 and 2 so I expect another jump in week 3. Winston has been great on play-action passes. If the Bucs can establish a running game early, look out for Winston being aggressive throwing downfield off play fakes.

RG: I loved the pickup of Bruce Carter and Sterling Moore, two underrated players in my opinion. What’s your take on them and how do you see them panning out?

DR: Bruce Carter is interesting because he’s obviously talented, but rookie Kwon Alexander unexpectedly beat him out for the starting MLB job. Carter is more of a reserve now, but provides great depth at LB. Sterling Moore is already showing his value as he forced a fumble last week in New Orleans. He is getting the most looks at the nickel CB slot right now.

RG: How worried does Houston need to be with those huge wide outs in Tampa? I mean, Philly Brown and Ted Ginn, Jr. each scored last week.

DR: Vincent Jackson caught a great TD pass from Winston last week and I think the rookie feels comfortable throwing to him. Mike Evans missed week 1 and didn’t catch a pass last week so we’re still waiting for him to develop chemistry with Winston. Maybe this week in Houston is where he gets started with that.

RG: Finally, who is going to win this game and why?

DR: The Bucs are 6.5 point underdogs in Houston this week and I think that’s too high. Sure Houston should get the edge at home as neither team as been too spectacular, but not only do I think the Bucs will cover the spread, I think they will come away with the outright win. Houston’s defense will surely pose another challenge for Winston, but I don’t believe in Ryan Mallett yet and I think the Bucs defense will have another strong outing. While no outcome would surprise me too much, I have to predict a Bucs win!

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