Texans morning huddle: Say goodbye to bad grass


Good morning Texans fans! It is a great weekend to even up the record right? Let’s get this weekend started right by catching up on the Texans new turf, official burger and keys to the game! Enjoy;

Texans switching to artificial surface at NRG Stadium for rest of season – by Tania Ganguli, ESPN

"The Houston Texans will change the playing surface at NRG Stadium to artificial turf for the rest of this season, beginning with their Week 3 game against Tampa Bay.“I think our players would tell you that they prefer to play on natural grass versus an artificial surface, but it’s our responsibility both on the club level and the league level to protect players from unnecessary risk,” general manager Rick Smith said. “The decision was made in the interest of that.”The Texans will install AstroTurf for the rest of 2015 but would like to return to natural grass after the season.During Sunday’s season opener against the Kansas City Chiefs, seams between the pieces of sod that made up the field were especially visible, prompting concerns about the consistency of the surface. Smith said the Chiefs complained about it. The field is made up of 8-foot-by-8-foot sections of sod brought in on trays for games.“Our field here at NRG Stadium has tested very well in the past,” Smith said. “And we have always been — there’s a misconception that because of the nature of the way that the field is put together on a tray system that when you see a seam, it’s unevenness. That just hasn’t been the case historically.”"

Breakfast: Keys to the game against Carolina – by John Harris, HoustonTexans.com

"When the Texans have the ball…— It’s imperative, no matter how the offensive line may or may not be configured, to get helmets to the second level. If Panthers LB Luke Kuechly plays, he cannot run free to the football. He can improvise, to a degree, and be dangerous doing so. He’ll run underneath blocks and use his quickness to get back to the ball. The offensive line must get a hat on him at all times in the run game.— Furthermore, he’s such a smart, athletic linebacker that he’s a demon in underneath pass coverage. He plays angles extremely well and can run with interior receivers and backs all over the field.— Protection will be better this week, in large part because there is no Justin Houston on the other side. Don’t get me wrong, the Panthers can get after the quarterback, but they don’t have a guy like Houston that can get in the Texans’ mess as often as he could.— Keep the tight ends involved, even if there are only two of them. With four receivers making catches on Sunday, the Panthers need to be concerned with the Texans’ perimeter threats, which could allow the tight ends to get matched up on rookie Shaq Thompson or Thomas Davis. Those two are wonderful athletes, but I still like seeing Thompson in coverage and not hunting ball carriers.— Finally, Ryan Mallett has to just let it go. Quickly. That’s exactly what he did v. Kansas City and I’m sure the Panthers will give him a few different looks to test him. However, if he can get his confidence early, get into a rhythm/up tempo early, then the offense will be quite alright.When the Panthers have the ball…— Know that Cam Newton is a running threat on every snap and then when he runs it, make him pay for it. Not advocating cheap or dirty hits, but physical/gang tackles to wear him down as the game goes on.— The Panthers will read option the Texans to death if they allow it. The defense must mix up the looks it gives Cam so that he’s not pulling the ball from the belly of the running back and running free down the field. Chiefs CB Alex Smith didn’t pile up huge yardage on some option plays, but he did just enough to pick up key first downs the Texans couldn’t afford to allow.— Tackle in space. Self explanatory, no?— Find Greg Olsen on every play. Panthers OC Mike Shula does a fine job of moving Olsen around the formation and using him in a number of different capacities. It’s key to find him on every play and ensure that he’s covered on every play. Make the Panthers wide outs, minus Kelvin Benjamin, beat the Texans."

Texans RB Arian Foster won’t play against Panthers – by SI Wire

"Houston Texans running back Arian Foster won’t play against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, the team announced Friday.Foster returned to practice Thursday on a limited basis for the first time since undergoing groin surgery on Aug. 7. He sustained the injury during practice on Aug. 3.Foster’s recovery is ahead of schedule, as he was originally scheduled to recuperate in roughly three months."

It’s official, the Texans have their own burger – by Ken Hoffman, Houston Chronicle

"Fuddrucker’s has the official hamburger of the Houston Texans.You’re listening to a radio station, a commercial for Mattress Firm pops up, and it ends with … “the official mattress of the Houston Texans.”Then one for Hyundai … “the official car of the Houston Texans.”Or BMW … “the official luxury car of the Houston Texans.”Or Mustang Cat … the “official heavy construction equipment of the Houston Texans.”Yeah, I think I’ll run out and buy a 50-ton bulldozer this weekend.I’ve always wondered, how does a product become the “official” something of the Texans? And which way does the money go?I’ve wondered the same thing about airplanes and peanuts. Does the peanut company pay the airline to hand out free samples to a captive and hungry audience? Or does the airline pay the peanut company so it has something to keep the natives restful during the flight?(The airlines pay the peanut company. It’s not a lot of money – peanuts, really.)Last week, I drove past a Fuddrucker’s and saw a sign in the window … “official hamburger of the Houston Texans.”Let’s explore. I’m far more interested in burgers than bulldozers. How did the Fuddrucker’s and Texans deal happen?"

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