Texans vs. Panthers: Behind enemy (side)lines with Cat Crave


While getting ready for the upcoming game between the Houston Texans and Carolina Panthers, I was able to pick the brain from someone a little more in tune with the upcoming opponent.

Chris Schafer from Cat Crave, the FanSided page dedicated to the Carolina Panthers took some time to discuss both teams and even gives his prediction for the final outcome in Week 2.

RG: How did you feel the Panthers looked during their first contest of the year?

"CS: It was a spitting image almost of the preseason. The offense was not that effective and did what was needed to win the game, but the receivers continued to drop passes. The defense was strong, as it always is, compiling 5 sacks and 2 interceptions, with one going to the house."

RG: How will the team make up for the loss of Kelvin Benjamin at wide receiver?

"CS: This is the same question everyone wants to know, which the Panthers are looking for someone to step up. Until then, it is a wide receiver by committee approach."

RG: Do you see the Panthers run game being able to find running room against the Texans defensive line?

"CS: Houston struggles mightily to contain Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, do you believe the Panthers can have similar success with Greg Olsen? Olsen was silent during week 1 with only one catch. The Texans’ need to watch out!"

RG: What, if anything, scares you about facing the Texans?

"CS: Watt scares each team, each week. However, one man will not win this game, especially on defense. The Texans need an all around approach and that seems to be missing. “Hard Knocks” might not have been a good idea for them."

RG: What anout the Panthers should scare the Texans?

"CS: Cam Newton. All he has to do is go opposite of Watt and create havoc with his arm and legs."

RG: What does Carolina have to do to win this game? And conversely what would Houston have to do to steal a road win?

"CS: Steal a road win for the Texans? Highly unlikely, unless they sign Tom Brady within the next two days! The Panthers just need to control the ball and not turn it over."

RG: I believe this will be a low scoring game dominated by defenses. Do you agree, and what is your prediction for the game?

"CS: Carolina 24 Houston 6. Watt will have a sack and his share of tackles, but that is about it."

Some strong feelings from Chris there, let him hear if you disagree and why in our comment section below!

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