Texans morning huddle: Quarterback controversy take two


Good morning Texans fans, it looks like we have a quarterback controversy yet again in Houston. Bill O’Brien refused to name a starter, so we have to wait and see what happens. Today’s huddle has  that story as well as John Harris’ observations from this weekend. Enjoy;

Texans reignite QB controversy between Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett – by Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz, USA TODAY Sports

"One week into the season, the Houston Texans once again have a quarterback controversy.Texans coach Bill O’Brien said Monday he would not reveal the Week 2 starter against the Carolina Panthers after Brian Hoyer was benched for Ryan Mallett in the fourth quarter of a 27-20 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.“I’m not going to make a big quarterback announcement today,” O’Brien said. “You’ll have to wait for the first play of the Carolina game to see.”Hoyer beat out Mallett for the starting job in training camp but finished 18-of-34 passing for 236 yards, a touchdown and an interception. Mallett was 8 of 13 for 98 yards and a touchdown.“That’s coach’s decision, and I can see why he did that,” Hoyer said of his benching after the game. “It couldn’t have gone any worse, you know what I mean. Obviously, I feel terrible. I feel like I let this whole entire organization down.”Whoever starts for the Texans will have to jump-start an offense that is still finding its footing with running back Arian Foster out with a groin injury.“That’s not something I worry about. I’m just focused on doing my job, trying to be the best left tackle I can be for whoever is under center, and getting my group together, the offensive line,” Texans veteran Duane Brown said of the uncertainty under center."

Texans Drop Season Opener For First Time Since 2009 – by Cody Stoots, CBS Houston

"The Houston Texans dropped their season opener for the first time in six years 27-20 to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. The Texans offense had problems stopping the Chiefs defensive pressure allowing four sacks, one with a fumble and the defense had trouble stopping tight end Travis Kelce, who scored twice for Kansas City in a game whose score was tighter than the game.Head coach Bill O’Brien might have added some excitement to the team’s practice this week when he replaced starting quarterback Brian Hoyer with backup Ryan Mallett late in the fourth quarter. Mallett led the Texans on touchdown drive and a field goal to bring the game within one score for the home team, but a failed onside kick ended the second-year Texans dream of a historic comeback.Mallett finished the game 8/13 for 93 yards and one touchdown while starter Brian Hoyer finished 18/34 for 236 yards and one touchdown, one interception and a fumble lost. The Texans missed starting running back Arian Foster, combining for just 98-yards on 21 total carries between all ball carriers.The Texans defense started the game by forcing a Kansas City punt leading to the first regular season snaps of Brian Hoyer’s Texans career.Chiefs rookie cornerback Marcus Peters intercepted Hoyer’s first pass allowing Kansas City to take over in the Texans red zone. Soon after Travis Kelce would catch a strike from Alex Smith to give the Chiefs a 7-0 lead early.The Texans would fail to move the ball effectively allowing the Chiefs to take over. This drive would also end with Smith hitting Kelce, this time for a 42-yard score. The Texans would trail 14-0 as Brian Hoyer would take over late in the first."

Bill O’Brien won’t announce Week 2 starter – by Tania Ganguli, ESPN

"Texans coach Bill O’Brien is keeping his team’s quarterback controversy alive.O’Brien has a good idea of who his starting quarterback will be for Sunday’s game against the Carolina Panthers, but he isn’t sharing that information.“You’ll have to wait until the first offensive play of the Carolina game to see who the quarterback will be,” O’Brien said.Brian Hoyer struggled after starting the Texans’ season-opening loss to the Kansas City Chiefs and was benched for Ryan Mallett in the fourth quarter.Hoyer completed 18-of-34 passes Sunday with one touchdown and one interception and was sacked four times. Mallett entered the game with the Texans trailing 27-9. He threw a touchdown and a two-point conversion and then led a field goal drive. The Texans could not recover an onside kick with less than two minutes remaining, which would have given them the opportunity to tie the game.Mallett finished 8-for-13 for 98 yards and a touchdown.O’Brien declined to evaluate each player’s performance. He also declined to give the reason for benching Hoyer.“There were other guys that we substituted for,” O’Brien said. “Every decision is made in the best interest of the team that we think will … give us the best chance to win the game.”Asked if he didn’t consider the quarterback position different from other positions, O’Brien repeated his mantra.“Again, I try to make decisions that are in the best interest of the team that point us in the direction of winning,” he said."

24 observations from Chiefs vs. Texans – by John Harris, HoustonTexans.com

"Well, that wasn’t a whole lot of fun. The 27-20 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs to start the 2015 season, hopefully, won’t define the 2015 season, but it certainly wasn’t the statement that Bill O’Brien, coaching staff and players wanted to make to begin the year. Before we move on to Carolina, here are my observations from Sunday’s game.1. Prior to the game, I wasn’t quite sure who was more jacked up to participate in this game more than linebackers coach Mike Vrabel. That dude could still play a series, in a pinch.2. DT Vince Wilfork was called for an offside penalty on the first play of the game but he wasn’t offsides. He jumped the snap as KC went with a silent count to start the game. He just anticipated the head turn of center Mitch Morse and hit it perfectly. Apparently not perfectly enough based on the side judge on the KC side of the field.3. Although OLB Jadeveon Clowney didn’t have any splash plays like sacks or monster hits, his first game back after microfracture surgery showed definite flashes. His power more than anything else flashed throughout. He had at least two plays that I remember where he just shocked a tight end, held him up and turned the play back inside or held it up for someone to make a play. One of JJ Watt’s six tackles for a loss was a sheer result of Clowney holding up the tight end with a stab move and shoving him right back into the running back. He made two huge plays running down ball-carriers for two tackles for a loss.3. Perhaps Clowney’s most impressive play was his tackle on Jamaal Charles knocking him out of bounds just short of a first down as he chased the play from the inside.4. In essence, Clowney’s impact wasn’t where it will be, but for his first action, he made significant strides.5. Tackling wasn’t good on Sunday. At either second or third level of the defense. Just wasn’t consistent at all when it really needed to be.6. Had the Texans gotten the Chiefs in more second/third and long, we might have seen more of one of my favorite alignments. Jared Crick, Whitney Mercilus and Jadeveon Clowney aligned on the same side of the defensive formation opposite JJ Watt.7. Not sure what happened on the Chiefs first punt of the game, but the Texans had nine guys on the field. The Texans were in a safe look, but not everyone got the memo, it appeared.8. On the same punt, rookie Keith Mumphery called a fair catch then let the ball hit three feet from him as he let it go. The Chiefs downed it at the six, instead the ball being fair caught at the 12. Not sure if it would’ve made a difference given the first play of the offensive series."

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