Texans Game day: Reasons to tune in for Preseason Week 3

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Aug 22, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Ryan Mallett (15) throws in the pocket against the Denver Broncos at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Mallett, QB

While the team named Brian Hoyer starter, I think we all know what to expect from him after watching him the past two weeks. The guy who now becomes a wildcard is the loser of the quarterback competition, Ryan Mallett,.

Mallett was upset about losing the starting job as just about anyone would, and should be. What an athlete shouldn’t do is let that disappointment become anger. He also shouldn’t make comments about how he will get a shot this year because of how many injuries happened last year. And of course the absolute last thing he should do is sleep through an entire practice.

Mallett was on the practice field with the third-string offense after his temper tantrum kept him at home following news of losing out to Hoyer.

Some fans still don’t think it was a big deal that Hoyer overslept, but when was the last time you heard of  an NFL quarterback missing a team function?

The last case I can remember was when former Tampa Bay Bucs starter Josh Freeman missed a team photo because he also “overslept.” Many fans at the time complained about the negative attention Freeman got, saying it was no big deal.

Those who understood the importance of the quarterback’s role for a team said Freeman proved his immaturity and would never going his team’s trust. Since the incident, Freeman lost his job in Tampa, was cut by the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants. He now is trying to earn a spot as the number three quarterback in Miami, which could be the last chance for the 27-year old first round draft pick.

So to those of you who think that the missed practice was overblown, take Freeman and his free fall as a warning. Mallett has two ways to go after this incident (which yes was a big deal). Will he continue to pout and play the angry victim as he forces his way out of Houston and perhaps the NFL?

Or will he decide to take this as a true wake up call (pun intended) for his career. Today is the first test of where Mallett will go. He has a perception of being immature and aloof, today can he finally show some fire and prove how important this job is to him.

Or he can continue to just expect things will simply happen for him by doing the same thing and approaching the game the same way.

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