Texans fans sound off, is Hoyer the right choice?


Well it is official and has begun to sink in, the Houston Texans starting quarterback come opening day of 2015 is none other than the former undrafted signal caller from Michigan State, Brian Hoyer.

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Yes, the same Brian Hoyer who has completed 56.5% of his pass attempts in his career. This is also the same guy who has 19 career touchdowns and 19 career interceptions during his six-year career which has featured four stops before coming to Houston this offseason.

I know the fans may not be thrilled as so many were wanting to see the strong armed kid from Arkansas, Ryan Mallett given the opportunity to start for the Texans. Many were intrigued by his cannon for an arm and how that would fit with the deep threat receivers Houston features in DeAndre Hopkins, Cecil Shorts III and Nate Washington.

I was one who continually called for this to never be a competition, but rather for it to be Mallett’s job from the start.

Then came training camp where Hoyer got the first crack with the starters. Then came the first preseason game where again it was initially Hoyer’s turn. The writing seemed to be on the wall all offseason, no matter if we wanted to see it or not.

As far as his play goes, there is a strong case for Hoyer as illustrated by our own Paul Parkinson who believes we all need to trust head coach Bill O’Brien. He also notes that while Mallett completed a lot of passes during the preseason he never seemed comfortable and often checked down immediately upon snapping the ball.

Then there was the second episode of “Hard Knocks” where both passers were featured running the huddle. Hoyer seemed firmly in command of the offense as he huddled and made sure everyone knew where to be and what was happening.

Mallett on the other hand appeared to let others control the huddle, content to sit back and let things just happen.

The final nail in the coffin was the fact that while working with the starters, Hoyer needed four passes to score a touchdown, whereas Mallett was unable to do so with three possessions. Maybe the competition went too quickly, but I do applaud O’Brien for not dragging it out and making up his mind before the third preseason game which is usually considered a dress rehearsal.

So now that the decision is made, both men have to live with it even if Mallett is “angry” about it. The fans also have to live with the decision, but I want to know how they feel about it. Do you trust coach Bill who said both guys can play and one will prove the doubters wrong?

Or do you trust those who believe Hoyer is not a true leader and will be the mistake that costs O’Brien in the end? Let us know in the poll and comment section below. Hoyer fans, tell us why he was the right guy. Mallett fans, get that anger out!

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