Grades for Hoyer and Mallett following the 2nd preseason game

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Aug 22, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer (7) rolls out of the pocket against the Denver Broncos at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Here is Brian Hoyer’s play by play evaluation: 1) 1st and 10: Hoyer’s first pass traveled a distance of 25 yards (Hey! Wy don’t you look at that?!) but went incomplete in tight coverage. He has a decent matchup with a OLB a half yard behind Garrett Graham. It was a nice shot on first and 10 and if it was completed, the Texans would have been in field goal range. 2) 2nd and 10: Another bubble screen was called to Damaris Johnson but went as a loss after rookie Jaelen Strong missed a block. 3) 3rd and 11: Great protection from the offensive line was wasted by Brian Hoyer. He sensed imaginary pressure and threw a wild check down pass to his running back off of his back foot. Instead, Hoyer could have moved out of the pocket or stepped into the pocket and delivered a better pass downfield.

4) 1st and 10: A nine yard completed pass got the drive started after a good read by Hoyer and Garrett Graham. The ball was well timed and the tight end was wide open. 5) 2nd and 1: Next play went incomplete after an aggressive play action was thrown barely out of reach on a difficult pass. The ball came out of Hoyer’s hands like a helicopter because his feet weren’t set as the pocket collapsed.

6) 2nd and 6: After a nice run, Brian Hoyer made a quick read and found C.J. Fiedorwicz open at the first down marker. It was a solid play all around, but was just short of the first. 7) 3rd and 1: Jonathan Grimes escaped out of the backfield and was wide open for the first down as first round pick Shane Ray was late to pick him up. Interesting that the Texans opted not to run it the ball here indicating the frustration the team has had on short yardage runs. 8) 2nd and 9: A play action bootleg was played well except for the accuracy of the pass. Hoyer was bailed out by a terrific grab from Ryan Griffin. If the ball was delivered accurately, this would have been a first down. 9) 3rd and 4: Hoyer almost found a spot in tight coverage for a first down. The ball was incomplete but penalties on both teams gave the Texans a re-do. 10) 3rd and 4: Hoyer once again targeted his tight end. This time it was a curl route and it moved the chains. 11) 1st and 10: A running back screen was dropped badly by Jonathan Grimes. Not Hoyer’s fault. 12) 2nd and 10: Brian Hoyer was sacked after the defensive back went unblocked.

40 seconds remaining in half: 13) 1st and 10: Hoyer finds Damaris Johnson for 15 yards. Hoyer found the open guy and delivered a strike between two zone line backers. Good play all around. 14) 1st and 10: The pocket collapsed all around Hoyer but he was able to spin out of it like Tom Brady often does and throw the ball away. Good play once again by Brian Hoyer. 15) Hoyer was sacked on this drop back. He took too long to release the pass, but with 50 yards to get to field goal range and only 20 seconds it makes sense to wait in the pocket longer than usual.

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