Grades for Hoyer and Mallett following the 2nd preseason game

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Aug 22, 2015; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans quarterback Ryan Mallett (15) attempts a pass during the first quarter against the Denver Broncos at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Anyways, here is last night’s play by play evaluation for Ryan Mallett: 1) 1st and 10: A simple three step drop was completed to Nate Washington on a sit down route against a zone defense for a four yard gain. This was just a play to “settle in” but well executed all around. 2) 1st and 10: The Broncos blitzed Mallett and was forced to check down to his full back Jay Prosch. Mallett needed to realize the blitz was coming when the OLB pulled off of the slot receiver before the ball was snapped. Waste of a play. 3) 3rd and 8:  This was easily the best play by either quarterback. Mallett read the defense and found a wide open Nate Washington right at the first down marker. Mallett was able to show case his arm strength and got the first down.

4) 2nd and 12: Basic bubble screen to Damaris Johnson went for two yards. 5) 3rd and 10: DeMarcus Ware was drawn offside but the play call was a screen to Alfred Blue. Mallett threw off his back foot and the ball was inaccurate and incomplete. Penalty was accepted. 6) 3rd and 5: A wheel route to Alfred Blue was incomplete but the ball never should have been thrown. He was so covered and there was a chance that even if he caught it, he wouldn’t have gotten enough yards for the first down. The Texans were forced to punt after three passes traveled in the air a total of three yards downfield.

7) 1st and 10: This pass should have been intercepted. Mallett stared down his target right when the ball was snapped. The OLB followed his eyes and jumped the out route. This play often results in pick sixes and is unacceptable for Mallett. Might as well give Mallett an interception in the stat book. 8) 3rd and 7: Another unacceptable read for the quarterback on a third down. The ball was thrown beneath the first down marker and didnt give the offense a chance to move the chains. Mallett needs to start looking down field.

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