Grades for Hoyer and Mallett following the 2nd preseason game

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This quarterback “competition” is only getting worse. At this point, it looks like there will not be a “winner” of the competition, but rather a bigger “loser”. There was reason to be excited and even optimistic after the preseason opener when both quarterbacks had above average games, but both Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer came crashing down against the Broncos.

The best way to breakdown both quarterbacks is looking at all passes individually and to evaluate the play because the sample sizes are way to small to solely conclude anything from game statistics. However if you are curious here are the game stats: Ryan Mallett (the starter) was five for seven passing with a miserable 23 yards and no scores. Brian Hoyer came off the bench and went seven for 11 passing for 52 yards and no scores.

The strange love for Ryan Mallett by Texans’ fans needs to be tampered to say the least. Someone explain to me in the comment section below why Texan fans love Ryan Mallett so much. Clearly the Patriots were not a fan of his if they only valued him as a 7th round talent. He has not shown enough in games, both preseason and in his short stint late last year, to lead me to believe that he is a true NFL starter (although I do agree that Mallett’s finite appearances makes fans curious and intriguing).

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