Texans morning huddle: No decision on quarterback yet, “Hard Knocks” recap


The Houston Texans were featured on the HBO series “Hard Knocks” last night, and the show was a success as always. Fans can never get enough NFL, and it was great to see the action getting underway once again. Today a “Hard Knocks” recap is only part of the news of the day for your Texans, enjoy;

O’Brien: “Not ready” to name starting QB vs. 49ers – by Drew Dougherty of HoustonTexans.com

"Bill O’Brien hasn’t named a starting quarterback, and he’s not in any rush to do so.In fact, he might not even select one for the preseason game against San Francisco on Saturday evening.“I don’t know if I’ll get into that,” the head coach said on Wednesday morning. “Again, it’s a preseason game. They matter, it’s important. Anytime you go out there and play a game it’s important, but again I would just tell you that I wouldn’t get too into the order of how we play anybody in this game.”Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyerhave competed throughout OTAs, minicamp and 12 days of training camp. They remain in a tightly contested battle for the starting spot, and O’Brien said he still hasn’t seen enough to make a choice.“I’m just not ready to make that decision yet,” O’Brien said. “I want to see these guys play a little bit against an opponent and see how that goes, and just you know, make sure we’re giving them, whoever the starter is, plenty of time to work with the ones and get ready for the first game, but we’re a ways away from that.”"

The DeepSlant: “Hard Knocks” Episode One – by Deepi Sidhu of HoustonTexans.com

"I have to admit, last night I was watching “Hard Knocks” with unabated excitement but also a twinge of jealousy. I get to cover the Texans as part of the organization: interviewing players and coaches, traveling with the team, entering the locker rooms, watching practice. It was more access to the team than most everyone.Everyone, except for the “Hard Knocks” crew.Before “Hard Knocks” even began filming, meeting rooms were mic’d up. Production and audio rooms were set up. Once training camp began, the NFL Films and “Hard Knocks” crew filmed meetings, huddles, and followed players into their homes. They were now privy to conversations and events as they unfolded, stuff that was normally off-limits to the media.After seeing “Hard Knocks,” I felt…entertained and yet relieved. It showed what we already knew, but now in glorious high-definition.We now had the extra puzzle pieces in the puzzle, the final number in a lock combination. We had the gaps in a story where we already knew the plot and characters.So, now that Episode One is out, I wanted to share my John Harris–like observations. It seemed like Texans fans couldn’t get enough of “Hard Knocks.” Our live chat immediately following the show was the second-highest viewed chat on HoustonTexans.com. (Seriously, what was the first? Kidding!)"

Former LSU RB Alfred Blue atop Houston Texans’ depth chart following Arian Foster injury – by Jerit Roser, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune

"Former LSU running back Alfred Blue is making waves in Houston Texans camp — with the team’s coaches, and with former SEC rival Ryan Mallett.Blue, a Hahnville alumnus born in Marrero and raised in Boutte, has taken the lead on the Texans’ depth chart following the latest injury to star Arian Foster, per Houston Chronicle reporter Aaron Wilson.And Mallett, the former Arkansas Razorback, reportedly left Tuesday’s practice impressed after working with Blue and the other starters.“I love Alfred, even though he went to LSU,” Mallett joked, according to another Houston Chronicle story. “He’s a great player and a downhill runner, a one-cut guy. He’s got to keep doing what he’s doing.”Blue played in 40 games at LSU, including seven starts, 1,253 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns."

21 observations: #TexansCamp on Wednesday – by John Harris of HoustonTexans.com

"Wednesday’s workout, at least to start, seemed to have a Hard Knocks: The Day After sort of feel, but MAN, Wednesday’s real winner was the humidity.Nearly unbearable at times near the end of practice, Mother Nature dominated the day. Most importantly, though, what about mere mortal, human types on Wednesday?Here are some observations from the morning workout.1. As mentioned earlier, it was the day after the premiere of Hard Knocks and it was an action packed first episode. I was down near field three doing a radio hit in Alabama when I heard the fans cheer loudly around 25 minutes before practice. As I talked, I surmised that JJ Watt had just run on the field. Nope. Head coach Bill O’Brien. If there’s one thing that he hates more than anything else, it’s the spotlight being on him and not the team. But, the fans love his fire and appreciate a quality leader when they see one. Hard Knocks gave them the opportunity to see it front and center on Tuesday night. They’re all just finding out what I’ve known for nearly 25 years (he’s going to kill me for mentioning this at all, so I’m moving on in the name of self-preservation).2. Of course, Watt ran on the field to a raucous ovation as well (to be expected) and left the field well after everyone had left. On the way out, he photobombed Deepi Sidhu and myself recording for Texans 360. This was after spending nearly 30 minutes with two different families on the field, talking with two young kids and playing football with one little boy. Yeah, but he’s just worried about his image (that’s a tongue in cheek blast at those that questioned his sincerity after the first episode – you know who you are).3. Practice eventually got going and it was Brian Hoyer’s day with the ones. They started the day with an 11-on-11 “coming out” drill. The ball was placed inside the ten yard line and the offense was forced to “come out” from deep in their own territory. I missed the first reps in that bunch but I saw one of the best throws of the day. QB Ryan Mallett threw a laser backshoulder ball to the near sideline to get the drive going. There was some smoke on that ball and it was thrown in the only spot where his receiver could make the catch."

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