Texans try to do the NFL a favor and take out Redskins


I know the Washington Redskins are not a divisional rival of the Houston Texans, but I cannot stand this team. I can’t say for sure whether it is their mouthy cornerback DeAngelo Hall, or a coach who I believe only got hired because his brother wash’t leaving ESPN. Or maybe it’s their obnoxious owner that refuses to budge on a nickname, despite how many come forward and say the name is offensive.

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Whatever the reason is, Washington has just always been one of those teams that irritate me and I root for them to lose at all times. So of course when I turn the television on today and see there was a fight between the Texans and the Skins, it makes me smile.

Then as I begin to read a little more into it, who do I see insert himself into the center of it all? The loud mouth himself, DeAngelo Hall.

"Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who did not practice the past two days, said a Texans coach told him some bad feelings stemmed from a hit Friday. Running back Matt Jones ran over Texans cornerback Kevin Johnson at the end of a run, firing up the Redskins’ sideline.“He either needs to get his weight up or get out of the way,” Hall said of Johnson."

Now in case you missed it in the quote, allow me to point one thing out again. Hall “who did not practice the past two days.” That’s right, the man who was run out of two cities and claims to be the best corner in the NFL (even though he may not be the best on his team even) had no problem talking trash about the Texans, even though he couldn’t even get on the field.

Just like the Redskins to talk a lot and not deliver. I mean, Hall is the best corner in the league, and no one can cover wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Put all that talent together and you get a 4-12 team!

The worst part about the team lined up agains the Texans these past few days is that it is known that they are a bit on the dirty side. Houston receiver Cecil Shorts III even came out and said they all knew this was coming.

"“We expected that was going to happen today … ” Shorts III said. “That’s how it goes sometimes when you go against a team in practice.”When asked to clarify what he meant, Shorts III responded without hesitation.“We kind of figured something was going to happen,” he said. “This is what we prepared for. We did a good job, stayed together, nobody got hurt. It’s over with. Let’s move on.”"

So good job to the Texans for sticking together and not allowing the Redskins to try their normal tricks. And as for the end of the joint practices I say thanks for the memories and good riddance to the Redskins.

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