Who should the Texans pursue at running back?


Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has suffered yet another devastating injury.

The news comes at possibly the worst time, as the Texans are gearing up for pre-season competition and just flew into Richmond for joint practices with the Washington Redskins.

Who is left out there at running back that the Texans can target to bolster their thinning backfield?

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Technically, nobody is out of reach because the Texans could feasibly trade for a number of capable backs. Realistically though, their options may be limited to free agency.

The top three free agent running backs that could potentially fill the void are Chris Johnson, Steven Jackson, and Ahmad Bradshaw. Bradshaw would be my top choice solely because of the youth factor, he definitely has the most upside of the three.

Steven Jackson and Chris Johnson are on the tail ends of their respective careers, and this is why they find themselves without a home so far in 2015.

Given that Ahmad Bradshaw has averaged a solid 4.6 yards per carry throughout his career is a good sign. Add the fact that he is extremely quick and has shown that he can be a competent receiver out of the backfield, one can see the potential he possesses. We all know that Houston head coach Bill O’Brien loved the “do it all” aspect of certain players, which I’m sure adds to his disdain that Foster will miss extended time. This may also add to his intrigue for Bradshaw.

Steven Jackson and Chris Johnson have clashing styles of play as well. Johnson runs with quickness like lightning, while Jackson is a powerful bruiser. Neither have exceptionally great hands.

What the decision comes down to is attitude, intelligence and “safety.” Safety meaning that they want someone who will not get hurt. This is where Bradshaw’s red flag lies, he is extremely effective…when healthy. Where have we heard that before?

That reason alone may be enough for the Texans to steer clear of the banged up back, but I’d take the chance on the upside. If he ended up going down mid season then Alfred Blue, Chris Polk, and Jonathan Grimes will be ready and waiting to take over.

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