Texans to Host “Hard Knocks Day”, highlighting the tailgating experience


In anticipation of the HBO series “Hard Knocks”, the Texans will host “Hard Knocks Day” on Monday, August 3rd. The Festivities will include a tailgate competition featuring eight Houston premiere tailgating teams  that will compete for top honors. Houston native and actor, Eric Ladin who currently stars in the HBO series “The Brink” will serve as one of the celebrity judges.

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Speaking from experience, the Houston tailgating scene is clearly in the upper-echelon of tailgaters in sports. One of the competitors in the Hard Knocks cooking competition is a good friend of mine by the name of Glen “Sweet” Miller, who leads the “Raging Bulls Tailgaters”. Glen’s group has received many local and national accolades, perhaps most impressive is that his group was inducted into the Tailgaters Hall of Fame.

Glen’s philosophy for a successful tailgating experience is simple: incorporate the “5 F’s” (Family, Friends, Football , Food and FUN!! ). At each home game the members of the Raging Bulls tailgating group prepare themselves to support their team, win or lose, by having an awesome time in the parking lot.

The “pregame show” in these tailgater groups is not just limited to great food and music. I’ve observed some excellent analysis of the game from a pure “X’s and O’s” perspective and healthy discussions that in my opinion, is more interesting and accurate than some local televsion and radio pre game shows.

The fan experience is a greatly under appreciated element of the game itself. Of course without the support of the fans the game itself would cease to exist. Tailgating is a significant part of football culture and these guys have it all.

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