Do You Have Texans Training Camp Fever?



If you don’t know the definition, you should look it up. This is the only way I can describe what is the seemingly endless offseason period that the NFL trudges through.

Even with running back Arian Foster displaying his many talents aside from football, and all-universe defensive end J.J. Watt treating our world like his personal candy store, the desire for football can gut-punch dedicated football fans.

Why must we wait a lengthy six months to enjoy the greatest sport on earth? Well, I suppose the players and coaches are people too… *sigh*

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As a fan, the blood lust is almost irrepressible. As a writer, it leads to an even greater frustration. Yes there is the Scouting Combine, yes there is the NFL Draft, and yes there are Rookie Mini-Camps and OTAs. These only serve as a pacifier for rabid NFL lovers, especially writers. One can only come up with so much material when given 29 days of fresh, new football content out of a total 179 day offseason. Not to mention a six-week hiatus from all football related activities.

Personally, this season’s training camp that is slated to start tomorrow enlivens me more than other camps in recent memory – except possibly 2012. At the time, the Texans were coming off of their first postseason trip in franchise history that included their first playoff win. Now, in 2015 the previous season wasn’t quite as successful, but when put into perspective – having a seven win increase with a rookie head coach while playing four different quarterbacks in the duration of a single season – it deserves applause.

Think about the potential this Houston Texans team truly possesses. Aside from a defense that comprises the best player in football along with seven other former or current first round draft picks, they have bolstered the depth and talent around a stagnant offense and are going into year two of brainiac Bill O’Brien’s brilliant playbook. Look for a big increase in point production this coming season.

There is a reason Hard Knocks chose the Houston Texans to be their featured team in the famed HBO TV Series. They can see the excitement bursting at the seams not only in the fan base, but in the Texans locker room and coaching staff as well.

This last 24 hour period prior to training camp is going to be a rough battle to endure.

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