Rahim Moore completes the Texan’s defense this year


Rahim Moore is a first year Houston Texan. Although the Texans defense has lots of attention on it with Hard Knocks around and Jadeveon Clowney scheduled to return very soon, Moore doesn’t seem to be getting a whole lot of attention. He’s entering his fifth year, and seems to be coming to the Texans at just the right time, for both him and the team.

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As far as the team goes, they’ve been a defensive force for some time now. They’re absolutely one of the most intimidating teams in the league. In the past four years, the Texans have been one of the top 10 teams in points allowed. Coming off of a year where they were seventh in the league in points allowed, they were still looking to improve. That’s where pickups like Moore came in.

Moore is coming off of a great season himself, as he had an outstanding four interceptions last season. He’s had seasons with up to sixty tackles, and has easily made himself a starter. Last season with the Denver Broncos Moore started all 16 games.

His four interceptions last year doubled his record for picks in any other year. This really convinces me that Moore is on his way to the peak of his career, just as the Texans seem to be coming to a defensive peak as well. The combination of these two things is going to set the team up nicely for success.

Together, what are they capable of? Well, it’s clear that the Texans have a lot of faith in their defensive line, but their secondary needs some more attention. That’s essentially what they did by bringing in Moore. They finally have given their defense the weapons it needs to be shutting things down all around. The defensive line is stellar, no doubt, but they need to work together to truly shut high powered offenses down.

Moore needs the defensive line. If the defensive line is ruthless and doesn’t allow any run plays, play action tricks won’t be able to happen. This will leave Moore able to double up receivers along with other members of the secondary. With the front line holding things down, and the secondary feeding off of that and tightly covering receivers, I would expect plenty of three and outs by the Texans opposing teams.

Lots of concerns are with the Texans’ offense this season. But with Moore, and several three and outs by opposing teams, the Texans offensive squad will see more of the field. This gives them more time to work, develop, and grow into a functioning squad by the end of the year.

In a way, I see Moore as the piece that was missing for the Texans. He joined at just the right time, and they were able to get him at his peak. He’s going to have a great year.

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