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Toro Times is your one stop shop for all of your offseason Houston Texans needs. We’ve covered several Texans players and projected how well they will do next season.

Next up for a player projection is Chris Polk, a running back who has yet to really show the NFL what he’s made of after some great college years.

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A Look Back

Chris Polk had some truly fantastic years in college. In three seasons, he got over 1,000 rushing yards. For the season he didn’t, he was sidelined for most of the year with an injury.

In in his sophomore year at Washington, he averaged nearly 20 yards a return as a special teams member

Due to an injury as he went into the draft, he went undrafted despite being one of the top running back prospects for that class. He was signed by the Eagles, and didn’t play much in his rookie season.

Since playing more significant time in the NFL, he still has yet to break 200 yards in an entire season. This is very disappointing.

Last season, however, he did show promise yet again as a kick returner, this time in the NFL. When returning for the Eagles last year, he was able to total up 340 yards, and bring in a great 30 yards a return

What To Expect In 2015

Dont expect him to be the top running back. In fact, don’t expect him to be the second running back either. With Arian Foster and Alfred Blue, it’s clear he won’t get many hand offs.

Based on his past success, however, we will likely see him on special teams. He knows how to return, and has shown he can do so very well. He could turn into an explosive part of setting up the Texans offense.

Offensive drives often begin with great field positioning, which is what Polk will be relied on for if he is in fact a primary special teams member. So, in a way, he could be a very huge part of the offense this season, as he will be the one who determines where the ball is starting at.

Toro Times Bold Prediction For 2015

Some of us might not see Polk as a player who could potentially put up huge numbers next season, but let’s be bold, shall we? I’m going to set the bar high for Polk, predicting he will get 300 rushing yards from scrimmage, more than he has in any other season in the NFL.

On special teams, I’m predicting Polk can get at least 400 return yards (likely more) with an average of at least 15 yards a return (again, likely more). With his previous accomplishments on special teams, this is actually quite realistic.

This might seem a bit high for Polk, but this is a bold prediction, after all.

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