Digging Into The Stats: The Houston Texans Defense and Special Teams

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Sometimes the numbers lie. Sometimes the numbers tell the truth. Lots of old school players and front office people are opposed to the new idea of sports analytics. They believe in the “eye test” and their own ability to spot talent on the field. It is my belief that numbers and the “eye test” are equally important and both need to be utilized. When the numbers don’t add up or aren’t clear, just watch the tape. When the tape doesn’t show what you are looking for, crunch the numbers.

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The Texans were a very easy team to figure out last year. They were a team that struggled passing the ball, were effective in rushes built on a lot of volume, and the defense forced lots of turnovers. Most of the data I was able to pull from pro-football-reference.com painted the same picture, but some things alarmed me.

To start things out, lets take a look at opposing team scoring and the passing defense.

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