Texans Morning Huddle – J.J. Watt Tackles Fan


Happy Tuesday everyone! There’s J.J. Watt news again! Sometimes as a sports writer, you just wait for #99 to produce something awesome to talk about and today, indeed he has. Check out the video of Watt leveling a fan who disrupts a concert that he’s enjoying!

Watch J.J. Watt tackle a fan disrupting the Zac Brown Band – by Tania Ganguli

"Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be tackled by Houston Texansstar J.J. Watt?No? Well, then you’re sane.But if you did, I’d recommend crashing the stage of a concert by one of Watt’s buddies in the Zac Brown Band while they’re playing in Watt’s homeland. Like last night, when a fan in what looks like an Alabama T-shirt appeared to jump on stage at Summerfest in Milwaukee and start dancing, only to have a sunglasses-donning Watt fly in and tackle him."

Top 5 quarterbacks on the Texans 2015 schedule – by John Harris

"When the 2015 schedule was announced in April, one aspect stood out more than any other. The quarterbacks the Texans have to face in 2015 are a step, or two, above the ones they faced last year. Throw in rookies Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay – Week 3) and Marcus Mariota (Tennessee – Week 8 & Week 16) and it has the possibility of being the most dynamic crew of quarterbacks the Texans have faced in quite some time. As such, here are the top five signal callers the Texans will face in 2015."

Houston Texans 2015 Training Camp Profile: DeAndre Hopkins – by Brian Kalchik

"With Johnson losing a step or two, Hopkins became the No. 1 receiver for the Texans in 2014, snatching 76 passes for 1,210 yards and six touchdowns, leading the team in receiving yards and touchdowns. After Johnson’s departure to the Indianapolis Colts, Hopkins is the unquestioned go-to receiver for the Texans’ offense."

Houston Texans best 5 defensive lineman ever – by Michael Mull

"4. Seth Payne (2002 – 2006)Coming in at number four is Seth Payne, a graduate of the Ivy League from Cornell. He played in Houston for five seasons. Payne wasn’t a monster when it came to sacks as he only recorded 9 while in Houston, but he was always near the ball making plays. He had 149 tackles and caused two fumbles during his Houston career. His stats would have been a lot better had he not missed fourteen games in 2003. His best season came in 2005 when he made 4.0 sacks coupled with 44 tackles and a forced fumble. He certainly is not even close to being as good as 1-3 on this list but Payne was a great contributor during his time in Houston."

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