Houston Texans: A Quarterback Warning


The Houston Texans have found a way to continually spark the city’s interest in the quarterback dual long enough. The team needs a leader, the city a franchise, touchdown-maniac and the front office a sign of hope in the new coaching era.

In a league where far too many coaches claim to be quarterback gurus, head coach Bill O’Brien might actually be. Having spent the better part of last year, running the ball and finding new tricks to patch things up in the backfield, he’s managed to find himself in a position of choosing between two quarterbacks he’s worked with before, while they spent time in New England. One a seasoned veteran who appears to be over the hill, in terms of potential and somewhat of a conservative, safety net. The other, a wild card and potential cinderella story in a town that has never known what it meant to have a superstar quarterback call them home.

Aside from winning the offseason dual, quarterback Ryan Mallett should find himself on pace to throw near 26 touchdowns and only endure around seven to eight interceptions.

Despite the team going through three starting quarterbacks last season, the offense relied heavily on their run game that did well (5th overall in the league). This year, with an aging Arian Foster, the team will not be able to hide behind its’ qb woes. From this offseason, a solution must emerge and I believe if Brian Hoyer is chosen, NFL defenses will smell blood.

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