2016 Free Agent Quarterbacks

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May 28, 2015; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford (7) loosens up during OTA

With the Rams, Sam Bradford was plagued by multiple knee injuries due to a bad offensive line. The receiving core was one of the worst in the league and so was the running game. Sam Bradford had no chance to succeed in that offense. It is also unfair to call a stay in the pocket quarterback “injury prone”. With all this in mind, the Eagles were able to land a quarterback that was once considered a potential elite player without losing a lot.

With the young offense in Philadelphia, I think Sam Bradford will have a good season and re-establish himself as decent starting quarterback. He will greatly benefit with Demarco Murray and should be a hot commodity next offseason.

His price tag will be a lot cheaper than what Philip Rivers would be asking but more importantly won’t have that connection with his old team. The Eagles could easily let him walk away, especially because Chip Kelly has moved on from players a lot better than Sam Bradford.

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