2016 Free Agent Quarterbacks

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Signing Brian Hoyer, who is the current bet to win the starting job, is most likely not the long term quarterback for the Texans. The Texans have been out of good quarterback options over the last two years because the free agent options have been horrible. The one mistake the Texans front office has made at the quarterback position was not getting Teddy Bridgewater in the 2014 draft. The Vikings stole Teddy by trading up one pick in front of the Texans and this will haunt the Texans organization for years as Teddy Bridgewater is about to breakout in a vastly improved Vikings offense.

A report that came out yesterday says the Texans “did due diligence on QBs, called around” in a hope to land a trade for a true starting quarterback. The biggest story came from Denver where there was a rumor that Peyton Manning and the Texans had possibly discussed a trade. This likely either was very preliminary and not serious or not discussed at all. Peyton Manning’s agent never heard of these discussions, a good sign that it was never a serious possibility. Peyton Manning actually would have retired if he was traded to the Texans, but i think that take is a little too hot to be taken serious. Another quarterback that in trade talks was Colin Kaepernick but was never a serious talk either. I am sure the Texans spoke to the San Diego Chargers when Philip Rivers was involved in somewhat serious trade talks.

Clearly, Brian Hoyer is not viewed as the long term quarterback in Houston. Brian Hoyer was the last option in a free agency class that consisted of Shaun Hill, Tyrod Taylor, Matt Moore, Christian Ponder, Matt Schaub, Colt McCoy, Michael Vick, Matt Flynn, Terrelle Pryor, Kyle Orton, Jason Campbell, and Tyler Thigpen. By default, Brian Hoyer was the best option out of the bunch. Signing a two year contract was not the worst thing the Texans could have done this offseason if Bill O’Brien does not have faith in Ryan Mallett, who also signed a two year contract this offseason.

I do not believe Ryan Mallett or Brian Hoyer will be the starting quarterback in 2017 after the contracts are up. Instead I believe the Texans will upgrade in next years draft or in the 2016 free agent class that is the strongest since Matt Schaub was booed out of Houston. Here are the potential options: