Andre Johnson Moves On From The Texans, Even Though He Hasn’t


Wide receiver Andre Johnson holds every receiving record of note for the young Houston Texans franchise. The franchise that drafted him in the first round in 2003 reaped the benefits of having a true star at the position for more than a decade.

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Unfortunately there was no happy ending there as the team and Johnson had a rather bitter split to close their relationship. And as is often the case when a player leaves (see DeMarco Murray, DeSean Jackson, Drew Bledsoe, Cecil Shorts, Terrell Owens…etc.) Johnson went to a divisional rival, the Indianapolis Colts.

Whenever a player is told they are no longer as good as they once were, or worth the pay they once made, there seems to be this undying need to prove that not only was the team wrong, but that the team itself was actually the problem.

Now obviously Johnson did not go the same route as T.O. and do driveway sit ups, but he did go to the one team that Houston has not been able to overtake. Now, Johnson has taken to the airways to say how much he hated the end of his time in the city he called home for a dozen years.

P.D. Starr of took the time to transcribe portions of an interview with Andre on the Dan LeBetard show, which can be heard here (during the fourth hour).

"How does your career play out differently if you’d had a great QB your entire career?“I think my numbers would be better than what they are now. You know, I just try to make the best of what I’ve had, and you know, I never complained about it. I just went out there and gave it my all. I stand by what I’ve been able to accomplish, and I’m excited by this new opportunity.”What was the most frustrating time in Houston?“Probably the past two seasons. The year we went 2-14, Coach Kubiak being fired. Going through the whole process again of having a new coach, learning a new system. My past two seasons there were pretty miserable. I could tell you it was hard for me to even go to work. Just excited about this new opportunity now, can’t wait to get it all going.”"

In a moment of honesty I would say I can understand exactly what A.J. is feeling, and I don’t know if I could hold back from saying anything. However, in a league where anything can be used for bulletin board material, a simple “I enjoyed my time, now I’m focused on Indy” may have been the more prudent path for the veteran receiver.

One thing is for sure, when the Colts and Texans square off for Thursday Night Football on October the 8th, I will surely have my popcorn ready!

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