Texans Poll: Which Second-Year Player Will Be The Texans Most Improved In 2015?


Usually in the NFL players show the biggest leap in production between their rookie year and their second professional season. Reasons for this leap include learning the speed of the game, getting a year to work with the team’s strength coaches and also having a better understanding of what they are supposed to do.

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The Houston Texans surely hope they have a few second-year players who will make a big jump as we approach the 2015 season. Last year the team selected outside linebacker Jadeveon Clowney in round one, guard Xavier Su’a-Filo in round two and tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz as well as nose tackle Louis Nix III in the third round.

Those players were all graded pretty high coming out of college and looked to be primed to play at positions of need. Unfortunately, all of the team’s selections in rounds one through three massively underperformed in 2014.

Clowney and Nix spent the year battling injuries, with Nix never seeing the field. Both players will need to fully recover and stay on the field to make an impact, and it will be interesting to see how both fare in the coming year.

Su’a-Filo had a slow start to his career, but seems to be progressing now as he enters his second year. Fiedorowicz is also being touted as an improved player after getting only four receptions in 2014.

The remainder of the draft went as follows;

4. Tom Savage – QB–Pittsburgh
6. Jeoffrey Pagan – DE Alabama
6. Alfred Blue – RB LSU
6. Jay Prosch – FB Auburn
7. Andre Hal – DB Vanderbilt
7. Lonnie Ballentine – DB Memphis

Due to injuries players like Hal, Blue and Savage all saw the field more than expected as rookies. Savage had a lot of room for improvement, and ideally will be on the sidelines in 2015 while developing. Hal showed some upside and has versatility to play multiple positions. Prosch played well as a fullback, and looks to be a solid starter at the position for Houston.

Pagan looks like he is a project player, but has the size to make an impact in a 3-4 defense and played at a great school in Alabama. Ballentine has a chance to make an impact as the team overhauled the entire safety position.

The rookie who performed most admirably in my opinion was Alfred Blue, who had 528 yards rushing, 113 yards receiving and three total touchdowns. Does that mean he has the best chance to make an even bigger impact this year? Let’s leave it up to the fans to decide by answering the poll below or discussing it in the comments section!

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