Houston Texans Should Consider Robert Griffin III


Fans will tell you the Houston Texans have had the spotlight on their current quarterback situation for far too long. They will load you down with opinion after opinion, each one sounding more ridiculous than the last. Today, I would like to offer my own ridiculous opinion.

The Houston Texans should consider Robert Griffin III in 2016. There, I said it.

I’m not saying this will solve all of the Texans’ quarterback woes. I am saying they should consider it.

The Washington Redskins moved heaven and earth to get RGIII and then after one year of showing flashes of success, he suffered a torn ACL, ending their season in the playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks. Although Griffin has struggled in the NFL since his 2012 rookie season, (where he threw 20 touchdowns and ran for over 800 yards) the Texans have to ask themselves, would he not be worth taking a look at adding some depth to the bullpen and competing for the starting spot.

The Redskins will pay RGIII just over $3 million this year and that number will jump to over $16 million next year, in his final season under contract. Does anyone really believe Washington will happily give up a five time raise in his salary without a fight? I doubt it. He should be on the trading block or the organization will look to buy him out and he’ll be making money from them while potentially competing against them, depending on who might decide to snatch him up in this quarterback-lacking league.

I can’t completely take all of the credit for this brilliant suggestion. I’ve had my own conspiracy theories running around in my head but truth be told, I heard a caller and show host discuss this novel idea through my car radio on Fox Sports Talk 790AM yesterday.

Houston has decided what their 2015 season is worth to them and they have placed their bets on the better half of Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer. They’re now ready to let the chips fall.

And fall they will.

But to me, it’s worth the question, should either quarterback turn out to be anything less than franchise-worthy, could you really do better, finding a starter for next season than RGIII?

I think you might be able to, in the draft or free agency but you’re certain to face longer odds at finding a threatening signal caller down those avenues rather than buying more time with a then four year veteran whose athleticism and accuracy alone should be enough to win him a starting job.

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