Don’t Sleep On The Texans’ Offense


Yes, we’ve all heard the alarm bells ringing for the last two years now.

It’s time to shut ‘em up.

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The Houston Texans don’t need an elite passer to be successful. They just have to get a performance from the quarterback position similar to that of the 2000 Super Bowl XXXV Champion Baltimore Ravens.

The 2000 Ravens’ Defense is legendary, many say it’s arguably the best ever. Now, the Texans’ defense should not be expected to post ridiculous numbers like that Baltimore squad accomplished, but they certainly can get the job done after gaining more talent and depth on a top 10 defense from 2014.

Give Ryan Mallett a solid offensive line performance consistent with how they ended the season in 2014, coupled with that defense, and you have yourself a winner.

The Texans’ front office added talent and depth as well on offense. The additions of Cecil Shorts III, Nate Washington, Chris Polk and Jaelen Strong will provide these things as well as key leadership roles.

Arian Foster’s health is a concern, but if he can stay on the field he makes this attack one of the most dangerous in the league. The Houston Texans’ offense in the coming season will be all about the exploitation of mismatches, and Foster certainly plays a pivotal part in that.

Add DeAndre Hopkins into the mix, and the offense becomes potent. He is one of the young, emerging superstars in the NFL. We’ve seen the incredible almost super-human catches he can make. He undoubtedly will arise as the number one target for this offense while improving on his solid numbers.

This definitely is not a Super Bowl prediction for the 2015 Houston Texans squad, but they undeniably have built a recipe for success.

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