Houston Texans Promote New Offensive Coordinator


It’s official. Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien has done what his predecessor was afraid to do. He’s passed off the play calling responsibility to George Godsey.

To most of the NFL and the football world, this is remote news at best. However, for Texans fans, this mile marker could not have come at a better time. As the quarterback battle rages on between journeyman Brian Hoyer and mysterious padawan Ryan Mallett, the Houston camp could use some delegation on running plays from the sideline. It seems to be a clear key in becoming a more dominant franchise.

O’Brien clearly has great trust in Godsey, who spent time with him both at Georgia Tech as well as his tenure in New England. The second year NFL head coach may have announced this news in casual fashion, just before practice yesterday morning but many Houston fans with long memories know this could be a seismic shift in the clubs’ short history.

It could prove to be a dawn of a new era of coaching in south Texas. One in which coaches trust one another to focus more diligently on singular aspects of the game, more specifically the offense… in the red zone.

Sorry. I know I can get nit picky.

It was painful to watch the once dominant, commanding offense toss up bricks and settle for narrowly made field goals last year, even though 9-7 is much improved over the 2-14 decimation, the previous year. (A bar that was set so low you could trip on it as you exited NRG stadium.)

The Texans are showing every sign that they’ve turned over a new leaf. This one could be a saratoga moment in the teams’ offseason for many of the new players and coaches to build an organization that thrives on each others’ skills.

It’s certainly a step in the right direction.

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