Texans Should Give David Carr Another Chance


The first overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft, former Texans Quarterback David Carr deserves another opportunity to return to Houston in my opinion. Ok..for those of you who didn’t take a sledgehammer and destroy your device after you read the tag line and the first sentence of this paragraph, let me explain to you exactly what I mean.

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David Carr is 35 years old and has been out of football for 3 years. Of course I am not implying that he should return to Houston as a quarterback. Obviously no one wants to re-live that nightmare. Carr, does however have a skill set that the Texans should be interested in, especially with two young quarterbacks in Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer battling for the starting job and project quarterback Tom Savage trying to adjust to the NFL.

Carr would serve as an excellent mentor to all of these guys. Why? Well for starters he has been at both the peak and the valley of the NFL. He was in film rooms with Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning as they went on to defeat the New England Patriots in the Superbowl, and of course, he experienced a 4-12 rookie season where he was sacked a NFL record 76 times. Either way, he has some stories to share with these guys.

David Carr would be instrumental in getting these guys to calm down under pressure. Players sometimes need someone that they can relate to besides coaches. Bill O’Brien has not exactly earned the title of “players coach” either and actually tends to come off as dry and impersonal when dealing with players.

David can help these guys with game prep, film study, and the semantic/intangible stuff such as being an ear for them to voice concerns to and he can teach them how to be leaders in the locker room.

We simply cannot turn back the clock and take away the offensive line of 2002 which had the talent level of the first 5 available workers who posted resumes on craigslist. But the Texans can take advantage of this mentorship opportunity and at the same time “gently” apologize to David Carr for his hellacious experience here in Houston.

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