Texans Morning Huddle: The New Odd Couple, Texans Spin-Off Reality Shows


Good morning Texans fans! Welcome to the first day of June, the weather is getting warmer and the football is getting closer! Let’s get our Monday started out right by checking around the web for what is happening with the Houston Texans.

Mallett, Hoyer an odd couple as they vie to be Texans starting QB – By Dale Robertson of the Houston Chronicle

"The 6-6 Mallett, a brash, cocksure country boy from Texarkana, is the very definition of gangly, and he can flat fling a football through the proverbial barn door. Unless, of course, he misses the barn altogether, which does happen on occasion. A short flat pass from Mallett to Jaelen Strong during the team’s first OTA session this week drilled the startled rookie receiver squarely in the hands, then ricocheted 50 feet in the opposite direction.While the 6-3 Hoyer is only 3 inches shorter, he looks markedly smaller standing next to his teammate. Also, in interviews, he comes across as almost urbane, expressing himself with a professorial eloquence (a shaved head and neatly trimmed beard add to the appearance). He offers insight, analysis and introspection in equal parts. And while he doesn’t fire bullets, he usually throws bull’s-eyes."

Breakfast: Texans spin off reality shows – By John Harris of HoustonTexans.com

"Fear Factor (remember that one?)…with Ben Jones. I’d put my man up against anyone, anytime. Food challenges…pfffft, nothing. Worms. Bugs. Whatever. Ben would crush anyone. I just don’t think Ben fears anything, even lying in a casket of cockroaches or whatever Fear Factor could drum up.The Ultimate Fighter…punter version, featuring our own Shane Lechler. This is one of the best shows ever and puts a couple dozen or so UFC candidates in the same house and then lets them compete with one another for just ONE spot in the UFC. Our version would be for NFL punters to enter the house, all 32 of them, and let the competition commence. Lechler’s crafty, I’d put money on him."

Arian Foster’s street looks like a river thanks to Houston floods – By Marissa Payne of the Washington Post

"Good thing Houston Texans’ running back Arian Foster didn’t have to go to work on Tuesday. The team canceled its organized team activities because of the weather, but if they hadn’t Foster would’ve had to float there. His street looked awful on Tuesday morning, judging from the video footage he posted to Instagram."

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