Texans Morning Huddle – The Story Behind Watt’s Bruise


Let’s enjoy our last day of the weekend and remember that Sundays won’t be spent without football for much longer! The Texans have had a busy week and until we see them suit up, we’ll keep a close eye on how their practices go!

The story behind J.J. Watt’s monster bruise – by Deepi Sidhu

"“That was a beautiful block by Fred Jackson, he did what anybody would have done which is exactly what I would have done,” Watt said Wednesday. “I had to make a decision between trying to block the pass or trying to protect myself and I decided to try to block the pass, and Fred made me pay for it which is what he’s known to do, so he got me pretty good.”"

5 Former Michigan State players on Houston Texans Roster – by Mike Griffith

"“The day rookie WR Keith Mumphrey was drafted, I noted how good he’d be for the special teams units but if he’s not careful he’s going to inject himself right into the WR competition,” Texans Analyst, John Harris penned."

NFL RUMORS: Denver Broncos Talked Peyton Manning Trade With Houston Texans – by Cal Setar

"“What was being insinuated is they’re excited about Brock Osweiler – that he is at that point now, that sort of Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre point where they feel like, ‘Ok, he’s ready.'”"

Louis Nix’s initial goal with Texans: A full, healthy practice – by Brian T. Smith

"” Nix never played a game due to lingering knee issues and appeared to end the season in Bill O’Brien’s doghouse. The coach challenged Nix to significantly improve during the offseason.”"

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