Houston Texans Potential Breakout Player: Cecil Shorts III


The Houston Texans made several moves in free agency this offseason, and few garnered much attention, with the exception of bringing in former New England Patriot defensive tackle, Vince Wilfork. One of those moves that wasn’t as heralded which seems like it will surely pay off, and pay off quickly, is the signing of former Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Cecil Shorts III.

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Unfortunately the signing of the former division rival comes with one caveat, which is the Texans need Shorts to stay healthy as he has never made it through a full 16 game season. Nagging soft tissue injuries seemed to always hamper the young receiver, but still without making it through a full slate of games he has managed 176 catches for 2,343 yards and 12 touchdowns in his four seasons in the NFL.

Shorts broke out his second year in the league after hardly seeing any passes come his way during his rookie campaign. During that 2012 year he hauled in 55 catches for 979 yards and seven touchdowns. His 17.8 yard per reception average was incredibly impressive, especially when considering the lack of talent all around him in Jacksonville that year, and every year he was there really.

Shorts has always showed a quick burst and fearless play, but what he has never had was a running game like Houston has with running back Arian Foster to bring safeties up closer to the line. He also has never had a fellow receiver to draw attention like the young star that the Texans have in DeAndre Hopkins.

Shorts played very well on a team that didn’t offer much support around him. Once the Texans decide on a quarterback he will have more stability, better players around him and also be in a better role with Houston. All this combined could potentially lead to Shorts having a much better than expected season in 2015.

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