Poll: Who Will Emerge In The Texans Underwhelming Tight End Group?


To say that the Houston Texans tight ends were underachievers in 2014 would be an extreme understatement. The combination of Garrett Graham, Ryan Griffin and rookie C.J. Fiedorowicz combined for a total of 32 receptions for just 316 yards and only three touchdowns.

Of the three players mentioned, the biggest disappointment was Graham, the former fourth-round selection from Wisconsin in 2010. Garrett only had one catch in his first two years, but really started to come on strong in 2012 and 2013 as he saw his overall totals in every category steadily rise.

In 2013 Graham finished with 49 catches for 545 yards and five touchdowns. The team felt so strongly that he could be the top player at the spot that they released long-time starter, Owen Daniels and inked Graham to a new deal.

For their faith, the team received 18 receptions for 197 yards and a solitary touchdown from their starting tight end. Sadly, this was the majority of their production as Griffin amassed ten catches for 91 yards and a score and the third-round rookie, Fiedorowicz managed four catches for 28 yards and a score.

Fiedorowcz came into the league after playing for Iowa and in his senior season he caught 30 passes for 299 yards and six touchdowns, which followed a junior year where he caught 45 passes for 433 yards and a score. Yet, in his rookie year, he managed a season long reception of nine yards despite playing in 15 games and starting eight of them.

As for Griffin, he had 19 catches his rookie season after being selected in the sixth round in 2013. He followed that up with his poor 2014 showing which saw his reception and yardage total both dip.

After the lack of production the team shockingly stood firm with their tight ends and did not add any veteran free agents or use any draft picks to bolster the position. Instead, they will bank on one of these three to improve and help their offense.

With that being said, which (if any) player do you believe has the best chance to become a solid contributor for the Texans, or do you think the group as a whole is hopeless? Let us know in the poll below where you stand on the subject!

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