Houston Texans: Ben Jones To Be A ‘Hard Knocks’ Star?


We all had that one friend in High School, or maybe College? You know, the one who would eat or drink anything on a dare, no matter how disgusting. I know when I was in my teens I had a co-worker who frequently needed money to buy food, so ironically he would eat bugs on a dare to earn the cash to buy his lunch.

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According to Texan’s defensive end J.J. Watt, the guy who does that now in Houston is none other than newly named starting center, Ben Jones.

Watt is a star on and off the field, so it is only natural once hearing the Houston Texans will be on the HBO Series ‘Hard Knocks,’ to assume J.J. will steal the show without even trying. Yet he says that the guy who will be more entertaining is Jones, mostly because of the fact that he will do anything for a laugh.

"“I think Ben’s going to be a big winner,” Watt said after the first OTA today. “I think there’ll be plenty of storylines following him because of his escapades – some of the things he eats, some of the things he does. Just Ben Jones being Ben Jones, so I think that’ll be great.”"

The wildly popular HBO series has always seemed to find an unlikely star, and perhaps the guy to capture more hearts will be someone fighting for a roster spot, rather than players like Watt or Jones who are cemented in their roles.

However, if Jones does decide to eat a bug or two, it will probably generate a lot of laughs, I know it never got old for me and my co-workers watching someone do something so gross.

As far as on the field goes, Jones was a fourth round pick out of Georgia in 2012 and has started 27 games in his first three seasons. He was the starting left guard and played in all 16 games in 2014 before sliding to center following the release of veteran Chris Myers earlier this offseason.

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