‘Hard Knocks’ Will Be Good For The Houston Texans


It appears the Houston Texans can do no wrong this offseason and will continue their positive PR streak as they debut on HBO’s series, ‘Hard Knocks.’

When your teams’ biggest criticism is drafting an underrated wide receiver (Keith Mumphery) in the fifth round, you’re having a splendid summer. Amongst a barrage of position battles, the Texans camp will find themselves on primetime television and no doubt, J.J. Watt will be center stage.

The HBO series could do the Texans some good. The show could provide good motivation for players looking to make a splash on the depth chart, as well as highlight exciting talking points for fans as the season opener approaches.

While it’s no secret that head coach Bill O’Brien would rather not showcase his team, having only one season under his belt, while at the helm, the NFL won’t let anything stand between them and their deal to show good-natured number 99 all over the airwaves to amp up the new season.

J.J. Watt isn’t just a good football player. He’s the model.

He stands on both ends of the ultimate holiday for a business. Super competitive, with a vicious appetite for the game on one end and happy-go-lucky nice, neighborhood guy who bought a cabin, on the other. It won’t be hard for those who are unfamiliar with football to latch on and relate to the increidbly likeable personality of the pro-bowler.

And helping the NFL make a profit never hurts, either.

Whether or not coach O’Brien likes it, the cameras are rolling in and will most likely attempt to capture every gut-wrenching moment that is normally shared off screen and behind closed doors, and while the result may end up being a lot more fans of the game and the profession it’s created, life on an NFL team just got a little scarier for the next few weeks.

If you’re on the Texans, your five minutes of fame gets a head start on everyone else, and that’s not necessarily an advantage but it can certainly become one.

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