Houston Texans Morning Huddle: Kevin Johnson First Impression


It’s Sunday morning Texans fans! And pretty soon that will be a wonderful thing as we are one day closer to the start of the NFL season. Until then we can at least keep checking what is going on in the land of our favorite team, the Houston Texans;

Good 1st impression made by Kevin Johnson – By Drew Dougherty of HoustonTexans.com

"Bill O’Brien, spoke highly of the Texans’ first-rounder based on what he saw the corner do on the field in the three-day minicamp two weekends ago.“This is a guy that’s a very quick guy,” O’Brien said on a season ticket town hall conference call. “He’s a tall guy. He’s a guy that has really good transition ability. He’s got what I call really good recover transition. If he’s getting beat, he can stick his foot in the ground and really make up a lot of ground.”The former Wake Forest defensive back said during that first week as a professional that he was focused primarily on attention to detail, on and off the field.“From the training room to the classroom to the film study, everything is just more detailed,” Johnson said. “I’m just trying to take it all in and use everything around here and just try and get better.”"

Houston “Hard Knocks” lets NFL put Watt front and center – By Michael David Smith of ProFootballTalk.com

"J.J. Watt is just the kind of player the NFL wants to market, a fierce warrior on the field who turns into an easygoing, likable guy as soon as the game ends. So with process of elimination seeming to leave the Texans as the team that will be featured on this year’s Hard Knocks, it’s a good bet that NFL Films will put Watt front and center.Watt is the NFL’s best defensive player but is not as well known to a mass audience as some of the league’s biggest stars. Hard Knocks is a way for the league to humanize Watt and bolster his popularity."

Activity, nutrition theme at Kids Triathlon Assembly at Horn Elementary – By Jesse Clark of HoustonTexans.Com

"Friday morning was a blast for the students at Horn Elementary, as tight end Ryan Griffin, J.J. Moses and Texans cheerleaders helped congratulate those who participated in the Houston Texans Kids Triathlon presented by Texas Children’s Hospital on April 19 at the University of Houston.Eight hundred kids from Horn Elementary, including 100 that participated in the triathlon, were recognized for their efforts and encouraged to participate in next year’s event. Horn Elementary fielded the fourth-largest team for last month’s race, which was the largest kids triathlon event ever with 3,000 kids ages 6-15 taking part.Texans ambassador and former NFL player J.J. Moses hosted the fun, upbeat and interactive assembly, where kids learned more about the triathlon, nutrition and the importance of health and exercise.To start the assembly, Texans cheerleaders got the kids excited, getting all 800 kids to chant, “Houston! Texans!”"