Best Thing For The Houston Texans, Watch The Rockets


The Houston Texans share a city that has the capacity to break and then subsequently rebuild fans’ hearts in lightning speed. The unfortunate consequence of this cyclical behavior has been the popular widespread of skepticism toward any long term hope. This past week has been unreal for long time Houston fans of the hometown Rockets as they fought back to win a series in flashback fashion.

Sitting on the couch, all I could think was, “I hope the Texans are watching this.”

And I’m actually not alone on this. John Harris, at wrote up a post a few days ago, mentioning a similar notion that the Texans could really use the morale boost the Rockets are fueling.

We live in a sports world that praises the result of a winning franchise so much that for a team in a large, competitive, Texas city, it’s possible to have a winning year and still go home with doubt on the rise. But it is not the result that breeds itself, it’s the response from a player, from a team that has been dealt defeat. It’s been a long time since any major team (except the Dynamo) has brought a trophy home to H-Town.

While creating success is not an exact science, far from it, it is something that some franchises appear to have a firm grasp on and others look as if they don’t understand the rules.

"“Winning is a culture. If you want to catch fire, just hang around the flame long enough.” – Damien Feuerborn"

It’s hard not to let thoughts sink back to the 2013 season where the last two years looked so good and then 2-14 happened. The pick six era happened. Losing our coach and then our defensive coordinator who took us from second worst to second best, happened.

The city has been through quite a long drought, having nearly spent the last two decades searching for a team, a reason to believe. The Texans are watching the stage be set for an epic Houston comeback on all fronts with the Rockets turning heads in the postseason, the Astros chalking up more wins than they should be able to, and come August, things should look pretty interesting around here for the home crowd.

But for now, enjoy the mood swing as it takes people up a notch for a change. And remember Rudy T’s famous words.

"“Never underestimate the heart of a champion.” – Rudy Tomjanovich"

Hang around the flame, Houston. Your time is coming.

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