Texans Morning Huddle – 5/13 Edition


Wednesday is here and we’re now on the downhill side of the week!

Let’s begin this shift of momentum with a great Texas quote:

"“Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger, which in Texas is called walking.” – George W. Bush"

Here’s your Texans Morning Huddle!

J.J. Watt Impresses Arnold Schwarzenegger – by Deepi Sidhu

"“Watt and his teammates all did their best Schwarzenegger impressions which were shown on the jumbotron during his Charity Classic softball game on May 1.”"

Ryan Mallett: “I’m Ready To Go” – Drew Dougherty

"“It’s about managing and being smart with my body,” Mallett said. “Just doing the right thing as we progress. I need to play in August, September, and those months. Not April right now, you know?”"

D.J. Swearinger’s Release Shows Houston Texans Value Intangibles – Rivers McCown

"“It’s not exactly a surprise that the Houston Texans released second-year safety D.J. Swearinger.”"

Sewaringer’s release puts Texans’ 2013 draft class in the red – Brian T. Smith

"“Swearinger’s all-swaggg, all-the-time act was already thin by the end of Kubiak’s run. When the Texans were humiliated 27-20 at Jacksonville on Dec. 5, 2013, a 15-yard taunting penalty on No. 36 captured a fractured team that had fallen out of Kubiak’s grasp. The longtime coach was fired a day later. Swearinger then spent the offseason promising to smarten up on the field and clean up his me-first routine off it.”"

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