Houston Texans Should Not Start Brian Hoyer


The Houston Texans have not hid the fact that they are still sorting out things at the quarterback position. Their free agency penmanship has become more aggressive with the signings of quarterbacks Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer this offseason and now the dual for signal caller has officially begun. Many experts will disagree with me but I hold the opinion that we would be doing Hoyer a favor by letting him sit behind Mallett at the start of the 2015 schedule.

While Hoyer clearly has the advantage of years of experience playing the position on the NFL stage, Mallett remains something of a wild card. With only two games under his belt last year, Texans fans and front office have yet to see what Mallett is truly capable of.

The only way the Texans were able to acquire Hoyer was his old team, the Cleveland Browns, allowed him to leave, due to a poor performance and injury after a promising start earlier in the 2014 campaign. At the beginning of last season, Hoyer had arguably the least desired position on his team. He had to play in front of first round pick, Johnny Manziel.

As one could imagine, fans were relentless at vying for Manziel’s start, just to see how good the college phenom could amount to be on the professional level. By week 9 in 2013, Hoyer had racked up just over 2,000 yards, 10 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. Not bad.

The pressure got too high for him to hold the starting position so Johnny Football won the spot in an attempt to spark the team’s 7-7 record. He would lose 30-0 to the Bengals and Hoyer would finish the season sharing playing time with the A&M alumni, adding only two more touchdowns and nine more interceptions.

Hoyer is coming to Houston to forget his past as much as he is coming to help build the Texans’ future.

For this reason, I believe that the pressure of going right back into a scenario where he’s starting for a franchise who’s fans want to see their backup quarterback start the second things go wrong, would prove fatal the Brian Hoyer’s career as well as the teams’ record.

Let them compete but should the contest become a close one, let Mallett start and if he struggles, toss in Hoyer to give the team a boost and keep searching for a quarterback that Houston can lure into a long-term contract.

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