Houston Texans Positional Breakdown: Running Back

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Aug 16, 2014; Houston, TX, USA; Houston Texans fullback Jay Prosch (45) before the game against the Atlanta Falcons at NRG Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jay Prosch, 6’1″ 256 Pounds, 22 Years Old

Name one team that consistently fielded a top rushing attack that didn’t have a fearless fullback selflessly leading the way to take on anyone who made the mistake of trying to tackle the halfback. For the Texans, that guy now is second year player, Jay Prosch.

Some Background Info;

You have got to love an old-school fullback who isn’t afraid of going toe-to-toe with a 250 pound linebacker coming at him full speed. And “old-school” is exactly how Prosch was described by NFL.com when he was coming out of college.

"“An old-school fullback with explosive power to pave the way as an iso-lead blocker and enough speed and athletic ability to carve a niche as a core special-teams performer. Valuable pass protector with good hands and short-yardage running power to contribute when needed. “"

Prosch spent two years at the University of Illinois, but transferred to Auburn to be closer to his mother who was fighting brain cancer. Tragically she passed away later that same year he transferred.

What To Expect This Year;

Don’t expect the ball to get into the hands of Prosch very often, as he had zero rushes last season and only one catch for 24 yards all year for Houston. The fullback had only 14 carries and 11 receptions in his four college seasons, so this is nothing new for him.

What you can expect from Prosch is a guy willing to run full speed into whoever is attempting to take down the Texans half back.

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