Bad Luck For Jags, Texans Schedule Got A Little Easier


As a true sports fan, I’d never want this for anyone but the unfortunate news for Houston Texan’s divisional rivals broke earlier this afternoon. First round pick and highly anticipated defensive tackle Dante Fowler has suffered a torn ACL on his first day as an NFL employee. Fowler was going through a drill when, in an apparent motion, his left leg appeared to cave in, immediately causing discomfort for the Jacksonville Jaguar.

The Texans are in the middle of an all-out AFC South clamor for playoff attention. While Houston has been openly hunting to dethrone the Colts, the long time bottom feeders have been catching up with the two contenders as well. Houston is on pace this year to face three first round quarterbacks with Andrew Luck, Blake Bortles and now Marcus Mariota with the Tennessee Titans. This is not an ideal way to use six games for a team who has yet to identify a franchise Qb, much less a first rounder. Adding Fowler to the mix makes every AFC South opponent a threat for head coach Bill O’Brien and while he cannot dismiss the Jaguars as they lose their heavy pass rusher, he can definitely breathe a little easier.

It’s not a way one might necessarily want to win but it is an advantage the Texans will happily accept as they continue to fortify an offense that already has enough kinks to take up the rest of the offseason schedule.

As a NFL fan in general, I wish Dante Fowler a speedy recovery and look forward to watching him play on the professional stage.

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