Houston Texans Positional Breakdown: Quarterback

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Ryan Mallett – 6’6″, 245 Pounds, 26 Years Old

While this is purely speculation on my part, the team seems to believe in former New England Patriot and Arkansas Razorback quarterback Ryan Mallett.

Some Background Info;

The first thing that stands out with Mallett is his size at 6’6″. He has no problem standing tall in the pocket and seeing over the line. He also has a cannon for an arm, which was what had scouts so enamored with him coming out of Arkansas in 2011.

“There are a lot of things that make me believe he can be a starter in this league.”-O’Brien

Maturity questions popped up about the kid and he slipped to New England in round three, where he worked with current Texans head coach, and former Pats offensive coordinator, Bill O’Brien.

O’Brien was able to bring his former player in for a conditional seventh-round pick, which could prove to be a steal if he can finally reach his potential.

Last season Mallett started two games and had mixed reviews after posting 211 yards and a 95.3 rating one week, followed by 189 yards and a 49.2 quarterback rating the following week. It was later discovered that Mallett played the second game with a torn pectoral muscle, an injury that ended his season prematurely.

What To Expect This Year;

Mallett should have every opportunity to lock up the starting job after inking a new two-year deal in the offseason. While Mallett is still rather inexperienced, he has all the tools and knows the system Houston operates very well.

He also seems to have the one guy convinced who he needs to, as coach O’Brien was talking Mallett up during the offseason according to the Houston Chronicle‘s John McClain.

"“He’s smart, and he’s a hard worker, and he understands our system,” O’Brien said. “I like the fact that when he wasn’t playing he was really into the game. He listened to every play call on an earpiece. There are a lot of things that make me believe he can be a starter in this league.” – Bill O’Brien"

The Texans have made several moves to bring some youth to their aging roster and have added several weapons for their quarterback to work with. If Mallett wins out the starting job, he will have a full offseason and training camp to prepare (something he didn’t have with Houston last year) and should be successful.

Starting all sixteen games could lead to a high three-thousand to four-thousand yard season for the gunslinger, with touchdown passes in the 20’s. With weapons like receiver DeAndre Hopkins and rookie Jaelen Strong, he will have plenty of help to get such respectable stats.

I see no reason why Mallett can’t be the starter for several years to come.

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