Texans Pick Kevin Johnson, Initial Reaction


The Houston Texans went against the grain with their first round pick by taking Wake Forest cornerback Kevin Johnson with the 16th overall pick. Most felt the team would address the wide receiver position or try and improve the pass rush.

Instead they took Johnson and while he may play a position that has two starters set in Kareem Jackson and Johnathan Joseph, so how does he fit in now and in the future for the Texans?

How does he help in 2015?

Johnson who has showed skill at both press and zone coverage will help the team in 2015 by filling the role of nickel back. He will be on the field a lot, considering most teams often employ a three wide receiver set.

Where he helps is his youth and quickness against slot receivers. He will provide the team with needed depth as well, considering there wasn’t much to speak of after Jackson and Joseph.

How does he help going forward?

After 2015, the team will have a decision to make on Joseph, who will be a free agent. After handing out a large deal to Jackson, the team showed some serious forward thinking by bringing in a young guy at the position.

With Johnson in the mix they can feel comfortable allowing the veteran to walk in free agency, knowing his replacement is already on the roster.

Where does he need to improve?

Like all rookies coming in, there is room for growth. For Johnson, it is in his run support. He has a real thin frame at 6’0″ and 188 pounds. However, he has added weight as he was around 150 pounds when he first arrived at Wake Forest.

Was This A Good Pick?

While cornerback may not have been the top need for Houston, this was a selection with the future in mind while also trying to acquire the best player available. A case could have been made for pass rusher Alvin Dupree or inside linebacker Eric Kendricks, but I understand the Johnson pick. I personally believe they would have been better served taking either linebacker, but this pick goes down as solid, but maybe not great.