Houston Texans Interested In Penn State Linebacker Mike Hull


The Houston Texans have been linked to several prospects from Penn State University and with good reason. Before coming to Houston, head coach Bill O’Brien spent two seasons coaching the Nittany Lions.

The familiarity with the players was the main reason speculation began, but now linebacker Mike Hull has confirmed interest from the team while speaking with Matt and Cody on Houston’s Sports Radio 610 .

Hull mentioned several interesting things about his time at Penn State and the process learning to the draft, but perhaps the most telling about his future came when asked if he has had much contact with his former coach or the executives for the Texans.

"“My agent talked to them this week actually, I talked to them at the senior bowl and at the combine”"

Hull plays a position where the Texans could use some help and would bring a great football mind and work ethic despite his smaller stature, 5’11” and 237 pounds.

Despite his size the linebacker was credited with 140 tackles in 2014 and already knows what the coach at Houston expects. He said O’Brien knows the type of player and person he is and it would be an “honor” to reunite with his former leader.

“His confidence and his attitude and character is what drew me to stay at Penn State” _ Hull

What is most telling about the relationship the two have is the fact that Hull says he approached O’Brien and wanted to leave Penn State in the coach’s first season at the school. Due to the scandal at the school players were allowed to leave and not be penalized by the NCAA.

Mike had made up his mind to go somewhere without all the sanctions but credited O’Brien’s honesty, openness and attitude with being the reasons he ultimately decided to stay and play for the new head coach.

Hull is expected to be selected around the middle (rounds three to four) of the 2o15 NFL draft and could prove to be the next tackling machine to come out of “Linebacker U”. His ability to tackle and understand his role would provide a nice option for the team should they suffer any further setbacks with injuries at the inside linebacker position.

And as for the important stuff, Hull also mentioned if he could have any super power it would be the ability to fly. Also, if he had a time machine he would go back to the 70’s. So there’s always that.

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