Texans Running Back Arian Foster Remembers His Roots


The Houston Texans found themselves one of the best undrafted rookie running backs in recent memory when they brought in Arian Foster out of Tennessee in 2009. Since joining the Texans he has rushed for 6,309 yards and 53 touchdowns.

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After tallying more than 1,000 yards once in his collegiate career, he had 1,193 yards in 2007, Foster has hit the 1,0000 yard mark in 4 of his six pro seasons. His average yards per rush have stayed almost identical in the pros at 4.5 yards per carry, whereas in the NCAA he had 4.6 yards per run.

What is nice about the success that Foster has had in his life, it never has seemed to go to his head. He  has always done his best to engage his fans on social media, often answering questions sent to him on Twitter.

Recently Foster made a trip back to the place he grew up, Albuquerque, New Mexico. He posted several pictures on Twitter, including ones of his old homes that he grew up in. Foster seemed genuinely proud of his upbringing, even if the woman who now lives in his old house told him to get off her property.

As funny as that encounter was, the thing that truly showed Foster appreciates his roots was the trip to his old high school. He went by Valley High in Albuquerque and rewarded a kid for simply being a fan.

While it is cool for the young man to now own a signed Arian Foster jersey, what is even better is the fact that the running back posted the picture on his own personal Twitter page.

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