No “Buzz” For The First Round Of The 2015 Draft Is A Good Thing For The Texans


Ah yes! Draft time is upon us again…remember the “buzz” this time last year when the Texans were in the drivers’ seat of the entire draft, as they held the first overall pick? The “draft rumors” ranged anywhere from a trade of the pick to several teams for multiple picks, or selections of quarterbacks Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, and (eventual #1 overall pick) edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney.

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While this year’s #16 overall pick may not be as “sizzling” in terms of media and fan buzz, the selection made in the first round this year could be a pivot point for future success (or failure if the wrong guy is selected). Most fans and analysts seem to think that the Texans are in dire need to draft a receiver with the departure of Andre Johnson.

Honestly, I could not disagree more. I think that the Texans clearly need to invest in revamping the offensive line, acquiring some kind of insurance at linebacker, and a replacement for the salary cap-gouging  and aging cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

"Cornerback is a position that is not quite as deep as 2014, but the first few rounds feature a potential star and several solid starters. That’s good enough to be considered the fifth-deepest group in 2015."

The first pick in the 2015 draft will be a “plant foot” for directional change in the success of this franchise.  I know you’re wondering: why wouldn’t the Texans draft a wide receiver when the second best guy on the roster is now arguably Cecil Shorts. Well, for starters Greg Jennings is still out there and for some reason has managed to fly by under the radar. Jennings is not only an excellent fit for this system with his skills, but he is a guy that can help new number one wide out DeAndre Hopkins as a mentor, and at the age of 31 there’s plenty of football left in him.

Why not take the #1 pick and get an anchor for the offensive line, especially with the loss of center Chris Myers? Secondary remains a huge sore spot and this draft is one of the deepest at the cornerback position in the past 5 years. CBS Sports has first round draft grades on four cornerbacks. Perhaps the Texans can prepare to move on from Joseph sooner rather than later, which according to would free up an additional $8.5 million in cap space.

When the lights are turned on in the Texans war room on draft day, general manager Rick Smith and head coach Bill O’Brein have to make some difficult decisions. I expect to hear a chorus of “boos”  from fans when the first pick is announced, and if you understand the situation, that should be music to your ears. Does anyone recall what happened the last time that the Texans “went against the grain” in the first round and drafted some defensive end named J.J. Watt when the fans and media were adamant about drafting a defensive back?

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