Poll: Should The NFL Tweak The Extra Point?


The Houston Texans kicker Randy Bullock has made 66 out of 66 extra point attempts in his career. His 100% accuracy was pretty much the norm in the NFL as only seven teams had a missed extra point kick.

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Atlanta had the worst percentage last season, at 95.2%, they were 40 out of 42 on point after tries. They were the only team that had more than one missed kick after a touchdown.

But does this mean the league absolutely has to make a change? Well, John Harris of Houstontexans.com seems to think it is about time for the league to try.

Harris brings up the fact that the league has tossed around a few ideas, such as moving the extra point closer to encourage more scoring, or moving it back to make the kicks harder. The league implemented the 32 yard attempt (putting the ball at the 15 yard line) during the preseason last year and  even tried some weird looking narrow field goal posts at the Pro Bowl in February.

While the consensus seems to be that something has to be done, I find myself thinking why change what isn’t broken. I think the extra point is fine and if teams are ok with taking the sure one point, why change it?

But I want to know if I am alone here. How do the Toro Times readers feel? Should the NFL tweak the rule, and if so, how?

Feel free to discuss and answer the poll below!

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